Orford Ness is not what you might expect from the National Trust. It is remote and can be bleak and unforgiving. It remains littered with debris and is uncompromising about its past and in protecting its future.

For most of the twentieth century the military used the Island for top secret experiments on a vast range of weapons. Intensively used as a bombing and rocket range, dangerous debris, including bombs, still remains.

Orford Ness may contain as much as 15% of the world’s reserve of coastal vegetated shingle, and the best preserved shingle ridges in Europe. So fragile is this habitat that even walking on it causes irreparable damage.

Take a short boat trip to this wild and remote shingle spit, the largest in Europe.

Follow trails through a stunning landscape and a history that will both delight and intrigue.

Discover an internationally important nature reserve littered with debris and unusual, often forbidding, buildings from a sometimes disturbing past.

Please note: charge for ferry over to the nature reserve (including members)