All that remains of Orford Castle is the castle keep – an impressive sight externally, a magnificent adventure once you are inside.  Orford Castle was one of the most important castles in medieval England.

The unique polygonal tower keep of Orford Castle, stands beside the pretty town and former port which Henry II also developed here in Orford.

The castle is remarkably intact allowing visitors to explore from the basement, through the lower and upper halls to the roof where there are magnificent panoramic views seaward to Orford Ness. Around the rooms is a maze of passages leading to the chapel, kitchen and other chambers in the turrets.

Orford Castle was built by Henry II not only to display his wealth and power but to defend against mercenaries from the Continent who came to assist his enemies, the barons of Suffolk and Norfolk. Take a virtual tour of the museum.

Admission charges apply.

Castle Hill